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A Place To Be


Contact Name
Deniz Paradot
01603 516171
07977 110431


A Place To Be
Studio 12
Capitol House
4-6 Heigham Street


Sports/Activities Offered
Town / City
Ages catered for
16-25, 18+, 36-45, 46-54, 55+
Genders catered for
Inclusive of members with
Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, Learning Disability, Mental Health, Physical Impairment
‘BE’ offers a warm, engaging and uniquely Western approach to using Oriental ‘Life Arts’ of Qigong, Mindfulfulness, Longevity Breathing, Nei Gong and Meditation to live your everyday life (and deal with the problems of ordinary daily living) helpi

We are a health, happiness and wellbeing centre that cultivates vitality through sharing experiences that preserve long-term, sustainable health practices for everyone. Guided by first hand experience, that health nurtures creativity and positive transformation. Our approach is based upon engagement of the individual in their own restorative/healing process, and motivating the person through gentle encouragement, guidance and support into achieving their own potential for health, happiness and wellbeing.

An essential component of 'BE' is to build a supportive community and being immersed in the company of

like-heart-minded individuals.

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