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British Rowing

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What is Rowing?

Rowing can be either recreational or competitive, indoor or outdoor.

Rowing will help you get fit and you can do it indoors, on the coast, or inland on our miles of rivers, canals and lakes.

Rowing can be either recreational (focusing on learning the technique of rowing) or competitive (athletes race against each other in boats). There are a number of different boat classes in which athletes compete, ranging from an individual shell (called a single scull) to an eight person shell with coxswain (called a coxed eight).


  • Increases strength and stamina.
  • Uses a large number of muscles
  • Increase muscular endurance in your legs, back and arms.
  • Boosts coordination using series of movements from every limb, repeated in a controlled manner.


For an annual membership fee which may vary between £35-£450 per year, clubs will provide training programmes and the use of facilities and boats. Most clubs will offer subsidised rates for juniors, students and social members. Free taster sessions at some clubs are also available.


They are a variety of ways to get into the sport, including fixed and sliding seat rowing for beginners of all ages - on rivers, lakes, canals and the coast. You can even row indoors in gyms, schools, and sports clubs, or across oceans.

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  • Rowing has been staged at every Olympic Games except Athens in 1896, when stormy seas caused it to be cancelled.
  • Women made their debut at the Games in 1976 in Montreal, while Atlanta 1996 marked the introduction of the lightweight events.


Coaching Can

Coaching has long been considered to be about the development of skill in a sport. It has been about acquiring, honing and transferring these skills in the pursuit of athletic achievement.

National Programmes

Explore Rowing

Explore Rowing clubs are making new links with their local communities, rowers are finding fun and more flexible ways to enjoy rowing.

Indoor Rowing - Adults

Indoor rowing is provided via leisure centres aimed at Adults who want to stay in shape and develop your fitness.

Indoor Rowing - Young People

'Indoor Rowing for Young People' (IR4YP) is a programme offered by British Rowing to provide training on how to deliver high quality sessions using an indoor rowing machine.

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